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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Mad Surfer

Cuirassier command group
I’m sure that other 20mm Napoleonic enthusiasts will have noticed some figures on eBay, listed by a French seller who goes by the ID surfeur-fou. These are plastic 1/72 figures, and they are sometimes offered painted.

They look very attractive, and there is a good range of subjects. Having read the seller’s notes about his products, and having failed to find any identifiable matches on Plastic Soldier Review, I sent him a message via eBay to express my admiration for the figures, and to ask him if he is responsible for sculpting the masters. His reply (excuse my bumbling translation), was:

Tout à fait, sauf que le véritable terme est modelage et non sculpture. Les moules et les tirages sont également de moi, tout est fait par moi à 100%. (Absolutely, though the correct term is modelling rather than sculpture. I also do the moulds and production – everything is 100% done by me.)

Quite apart from the mainstream manufacturers, there are some wonderful talents producing 1/72 masterpieces at present – Franznap, Massimo (whose work is displayed on History in 1/72 from time to time) and quite a few others. The Surfer, whoever he is, might well be another – has anyone bought any of his figures, or does anyone know more about him and his work?

French limber team


Lithuanian Tartars

These illustrations are all shamelessly pinched from eBay, without permission, and - as ever - I wish to make it clear that I have no connection with the seller. Just interested.


  1. thanks for this interesting news. Has the seller answered you if these figures are the same scale as the average 1/72 figure? 20mm can be very small and his figures are not soo cheap to simply try an order.


  2. Hi Uwe - I haven't seen the figures myself, but my main man Rod tells me they are standard "plastic figure" size.

    1. Rod kindly confirms that they are a good match for plastic 1/72, but are made of a brittle resin.

  3. Hi MSFoy,

    thanks for this info. Well, I can't say I am a fan of resin. On the other hand he has interesting stuff. I think I will try it with one figure.

    All the best