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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sunday Morning - This and That

Firstly, here are two new foot units for my ECW armies. The grey chaps are the Parliamentarian regiment of Colonel John Moore (that's John Moore of Bankhall, Kirkdale, Lancashire - noted as the Parliament diarist and regicide - everyone should have a hobby), and the others are the Royalists of Robert Byron (brother of Lord John). I liked the officer, who reminds me a bit of the Mouseketeers (out of Tom and Jerry? - en garde, Monsieur Pussy-Cat). He is from SHQ, and is a fair enough match for his men, who are Les Higgins castings - it is reasonable that he should eat better than the rank and file.

I had a nice email from Amanda, in Sweden, asking me if I could put some more of my home-made flags on the blog again. Always happy to oblige, here are the flags for today's new units. If they are useful to you, please feel free to use them - enlarge the image and download the big version. I print the image at 51mm high, which suits my men, who are a little smaller than 1/72 scale. Please remember that these are complete bunkum - just a guess. The colonel's colour for Moore's shows the family crest.

I've been doing a little more work on the proposed trip to the Danube, pencilled in for September now. Current outline is to fly to Vienna, hire a car and drive to Regensburg for 3 days, then return to Vienna for a further 4 days. The first part of the trip aims to take in Ingolstadt (maybe), Abensberg, Landshut and Eggmuhl, with appropriate intake of cream cakes, coffee and beer. Vienna has so much to offer that we don't really know what our priorities are yet, but cakes and beer will figure there also. Work continues.

I dug out an old map of Germany, and found that it is the Baedeker one I bought in preparation for a family holiday in Bernkastel, on the Mosel, in 1987. Which means, of course, that it shows the border between East and West Germany - my son was fascinated that there was a border around Berlin. How time passes - and how odd that all seems now.


  1. Nice looking troops and flags too!

  2. "I liked the officer, who reminds me a bit of the Mouseketeers (out of Tom and Jerry? - en garde, Monsieur Pussy-Cat)." - Careful, you'll give the folks at Eureka Minis ideas. :)
    Very elegant units.

  3. Very dapper looking gentlemen. Vienna trip sounds good, it is the mark of a true Brit to be prepared to travel considerable distances just to sample world beers!

  4. Great stuff Tony - the collection is growing fast now.


  5. Very odd, I was there and it's strange explaining to someone born at the time (and now a 'young adult') something which seems the other day to me, but is as much History to them as the Titanic, Waterloo or...the moon-shots!


  6. Try and take in either Blenheim or Austerlitz on your trip. Austerlitz is an easy car ride from Vienna and it is a wonderful battlefield to visit. Blenheim is reasonable from Regensburg. Both are largely untouched and Austerlitz has a good visitors centre, the Napoleon inn (or where he stayed and looks pretty original) and the town itself was small and pleasant and there were good places to eat.