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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Hooptedoodle #64 - A Little Holiday

On the whole, I much prefer the conflict in my life to be restricted to the wargames table.

Although I enjoy my occasional Hooptedoodle rants on this humble blog, they are normally intended to deflate through humour, and as often as not – when it comes down to it – it is me or my own inability to cope with the changing times that is the real butt of that humour.

Outside of the blog, my recent saga of attempting to do business with Falcata Miniatures has been a disappointment. Not a big deal – really not a matter of any importance at all, in the overall scheme of things, but it has made me more fed up than I would have expected. I like my toy soldiers and my little wars to be a happy place, not another source of stress, and not a reason to fall out with anyone. The episode is closed now, but it will take a little while to get the sunshine back up to full brightness – wargaming and soldier collecting are rather touchy areas for me, it seems.

I’ve also been getting a few strange, hostile emails again and the odd torpedo in my blog comments. I would rather not think of myself as thin-skinned – my self-indulgent way of expressing myself probably means that I deserve to have people shoot back occasionally, and normally I would enjoy the exchange. Some of this stuff is disturbing, though. Since my blog writings are not fired by any dark intent, and (especially) since they are of no real consequence at all, I would have hoped that anyone who came across them and was irritated would simply move on and read something else. It comes as a surprise when someone takes the trouble to explain to me, in detail, what an asshole I am.

Must keep the thing in proportion. I have made some very good friends through blogging, and I’ve learned a great deal and received a lot of real help. It has all been overwhelmingly positive, but I think I – and the world at large – could maybe do with a bit of a holiday from Prometheus. Next week I shall be away on a short trip to visit the city of my childhood, and the week after that will be my walk along Hadrian’s Wall. I expect I’ll put something here about The Wall, but in the meantime this station will close down to give the transmitter a rest. I’ll still check incoming comments, and if anyone else wants copies of the pdf files for the C&C-style ECW game please do get in touch – it might take me a few days to get back to you, but I will.

On a completely different theme, I’ve been asked a couple of times why Prometheus in Aspic anyway? – does it mean something? Is it simply the most pretentious name I could come up with?

Not sure, to be honest. I’ve always had a very soft spot for the Promethean legend – the idea of someone who did his best and was tortured for it is an easy one to be moved by. The portrayal of Napoleon as Prometheus is something of a cliché, but there may be a trace of that association in there. It is also possible – though I would rather not think about it too much – to identify with Prometheus at a personal level. The truth of the matter, as I remember it, comes from when I was trying to set the blog up in the first place. I had so little success finding available names that were anything like what I had in mind that in the end I went for something that was so unlikely and so stupid that it hadn’t been used before!


  1. I don't know, it always seemed to be a good name to me. Prometheus is credited by some to have created men from clay, you (we) create soldiers by painting metal. He also represents human striving and the quest for knowledge here represented by the struggle to discover history and write the right set of rules. The aspic of course keeps it fresh and adds flavour but also reflects that chains of aspic would only hold us if we were willing to be bound, in other words, chains of our own making.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy your holiday and the walk along the wall. I also hope you will return refreshed as your blog is a bright spot on the web and often in my day.

    1. Thank you, Ross. Your analysis seems good to me - much more profound than my original idea. I think the Aspic came from a fleeting vision I had of Prometheus all trussed up like a roasted guinea fowl, table-ready for the eagle.

      Speaking of chains - I just noticed that is a pretty serious chain on the statue in the photo. He is going nowhere - that's for sure.

  2. I couldn't in a million years say something as profound as Ross just did. I will content myself with simply wishing you a good break. I enjoy your blog and look forward to its resumption.



    1. Thanks Mike - I really do appreciate that.

      Cheers - take care - Tony

  3. Enjoy your time away, Tony. We'll be here on your return.

    Best Regards,


  4. Enjoy your break. I came in for a bit of criticism a few years back because I liked a certain figure brand and it did affect me more than I thought it should. I understand the need to get away. But do come back, I enjoy the figures and our chats over banannas!

  5. Enjoy the break, its always nice to get away from it all now and again. I had always wondered at the name, and if anyone else asks just quote Ross above!

  6. Tony, enjoy your break my friend, there are those who take these things far too seriously in Life. I for one thoroughly enjoy this blog which has been a source of much inspiration and pleasure to me. The humour, sharp wit and observational edginess of your writing makes this blog a bit special in my humble opinion. Have a great holiday and very best of luck with the Wall Walk :-)


  7. Enjoy your holiday!
    I can only concur with the comments above, having recently discovered your blog.
    I would be very gratedul for a pdf of your C&C ECW rules when you have time. My next door neighbour is a great admirer of Cromwell and might enjoy playing some games - but I suppose I'll have to be the Royalists!
    Send to arthur1815@yahoo.co.uk please
    Thanks in anticipation.

  8. Thank you, gentlemen all! - Arthur - files sent.

  9. Hope the weather on Hadrian's wall is kind to you !