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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Custom Wargame Dice

Here's an early preview of my new Two-in-One custom dice for wargamers. To be honest, we're still having some teething problems with them.

They are very comfortable in the hand, and are specially designed for those gamers who don't like to get results too quickly. They also have obvious appeal for devotees of Little Wars-style games, since they are ideal for throwing at the enemy's troops.


  1. Not so good if you have argumentative opponents, though. I suppose you could always throw them at them!

  2. That's true. We also had some complaints from a chap who lives on a slope.

  3. My thanks to the gentleman who emailed a suggestion - he says that it is obvious what is wrong with the dice - the single dot for number 1 should be replaced by a skull.

    Classy. That would do it. Thanks.