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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Sabol Studios

I have recently been very impressed by the work of Sabol Studios (of Woodstock, Georgia, USA), and thought it might be of general interest. Sabol Design are well known as manufacturers of carrying cases and similar wargame-related hardware, and they also do custom builds and commissions for terrain boards and pieces.

The 15mm Spanish monastery was built for Gary, whose blog The Peninsular War in 15mm is always interesting. I was sufficiently gob-smacked to contact Sabol, who proved to be friendly and very helpful. They are happy to take on terrain commissions, though shipping costs mean that there are limits to the size of items they can send to Europe. I think they may be just the guys to build some extra bits (including a gatehouse and some wrecked walls) for my 15mm Vauban fort.


  1. MSFoy,

    Please take another look at my blog. I have two preliminary pictures of their latest work and will be posting next week a full review with many more pictures. Their work is most impressive!!! What did you commission to be done?

  2. Hi Gary - as yet, I haven't commissioned anything definite - I have to design it first, I think. Sabol were happy to build anything I could send them photos of - naturally, I can't find just the right pics as yet!

    I'm pretty sure I'll get them to do some pieces for my fort - it's currently Project 213a in the queue!

    Regards - thanks for getting touch