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Monday, 20 December 2010

Hooptedoodle #11 - Weather Report

Yes - all right, all right - I know a whole pile of people have got much worse weather than we have, and I also know that most nations outside the UK seem to cope with snow rather better than we do, but this month has been sufficiently harsh to warrant yet another mention.

I live right next to the sea, and it's fairly rare for us to get snow at all, but here it is - out in the sticks, South East Scotland, this morning, with the sun struggling to rise. Time to bank up the log stove and get my book out.


  1. Hi Tony - looks like fun! Time for that refight of Eylau played in the garden...


  2. Ian - yes indeed! It's been -9 deg C or something - had to use the electric booster box to get the truck started yesterday, but I do realise that we've got off lightly. A few miles inland of here they've had about 60cm of snow last weekend, and it was already piled up at the sides of the roads.

    Ach well - if necessary, we can always postpone Christmas for a week or two, but I wish the bloody LPG lorry would hurry up with the delivery we ordered 6 weeks ago - things are getting interesting!

    I remember reading - maybe when I was a boy - that tin soldiers become fragile and can crumble if it gets cold enough - shades of the pewter buttons of the Grande Armee in Russia, so the last radiator left on may be the one next to the soldier cupboard. Maybe this should be Foy's Tip of the Month, except that Mme Foy will put me on a charge if she reads it.

    Keep warm, everyone who's currently enjoying their Winter


  3. Hi Tony,
    Looks pretty at least! Down here on the Kent coast we have been lucky, its clear of snow but quite icy on the roads. I'm right opposite a sandy beach and its odd walking the dog on the sands and seeing the snow on the hills in the distance.

    Here's hoping your LPG delivery arrives soon.


  4. Lee - I'll certainly drink to that - or most other things, come to think of it. Have a glass of something warming for me next time the sun is suitably far above the yardarm!