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Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Hooptedoodle #405 - I Can't Believe that Curry's Have ****ed Us Up Again

 Yet another Hooptedoodle - I am working on the homework bit of a forthcoming Zoom wargame - really enjoying it - but there's nothing to see yet, so this evening my post is just a short, fairly routine rant.

I'm not particularly looking for helpful suggestions - I just want to share the hate a bit.

My youngest son has been accepted for the university course he wanted, which of course is very good news, but the way these things are organised means that we have a fantastic amount to do in a very short time. I'm sure many of you will be well aware of all this business. We've been arranging for accommodation, new clothes, new bank account - all that - and one thing which is required is a new laptop. OK, fine.

He ordered one yesterday online from Curry's. Sometimes I can't believe that we forget so quickly, and buy stuff from Curry's despite all the grief they have given us over the years; however, here we are again, and it is definitely not my place to advise my son on where he should buy his PC. Anyway, Curry's are likely to stay in business long enough to support the guarantee, the price was reasonably competitive, and they were sending it out by courier the following day.

What can possibly go wrong?

Well, around 4pm today the courier delivered what turned out to be a PS4 - not the £1200 laptop that was ordered. The general stress levels around here are pretty high anyway, so there has been an amount of shouting and swearing - all very regrettable.

Well, it is annoying, but I'm sure it can be sorted out easily enough. In a civilised world, it is obvious that Curry's will hold up their corporate hand, and send another van, to deliver the correct item and take away the wrong one. Customer service - decency - you know the kind of thing.

Ah. Not so fast. They will send a van - tomorrow, in fact - to collect the PS4. There is no way we are getting to keep that. Then they will process the return through their magic systems, and - assuming everything is OK - he should get a refund in maybe 3 to 4 weeks. At that point, assuming the laptop is still in stock, we can start considering a replacement order. Not before. I realise that they always overstate the elapsed time, to avoid anybody getting their hopes up, but it looks pretty certain that he will have no laptop when he goes away to Glasgow on 11th September. Very little chance, I would say. Nothing can be done about it, they have their procedures, which are built upon a couple of core values: all staff are stupid and incompetent, and all customers are dishonest. Yes, I can understand that. Where did the customer service bit go? Why do we have to be rewarded for buying an expensive piece of kit from them by being subjected to a lot of graceless inconvenience?

 Of course, I have no idea, but I wouldn't expect to understand clever stuff like this.

If it were my choice, I would get my refund, and when it arrived I would have already bought a laptop from someone else - someone who isn't a disaster. However, for reasons which are more complicated then you might expect, it looks as though we are going to be forced to live through every moment of this nightmare. I am sure a replacement will arrive eventually, and I'm equally sure that my wife will have a 2-way drive to Glasgow to deliver the stupid thing. How wonderful.

So there you have it, ladies and others: I hope that Curry's get themselves organised quickly, but it's very obvious that they could not care less. Me? I care very much; I hope they go bust in the nastiest, messiest way possible - but not for a year or two... 

Remember the name.


  1. Customer service...mmm. My middle child works for a large bank in their customer service department. His calls are randomly monitored and he is "scored" on a dip sample every week.

    Last week he failed his dip sample because rather than send the caller an on-line form to complete themselves, he did it for them over the phone himself. The caller, an elderly customer who could not read or write with any confidence was very happy with my son's basic humanity. To the bank that is a fail as the customer must do it. No ifs no buts.

    Perhaps Curry's/PC World operate the same business model - they ordered a parcel this size... so send them one.

    1. I've given up speaking to my bank, recently. The counter staff don't know anything, so as you would notice, and insist on emailing with a satisfaction survey if they say "good morning". Their future employment seems to hinge on whether they can sell me pet insurance I don't need. They would not know customer service if it bit them.


  2. You have my total sympathy and understanding.

    I have a simple rule with Currys/PC World. Only buy something from them if it is in stock, portable and I can takle it away with me there and then. Laptop? usually mail order Mesh. Replacement dishwasher? company called Economy Freezers. Wall mounted TV to be fitted? Hughes. All sales in the past few years that would have gone to PC World if they hadn't made a mess of things in the past.

    1. I still have some lingering affection for John Lewis - they have never really disappointed us, though their delivery charge is eye-watering, and we had an issue with a subcontractor they hired to install a new kitchen who was smoking pot on the job!

      Curry's and PC World and a couple of others are just non-organisations, as far as I'm concerned.

  3. I have NEVER forgiven Curry’s and NEVER will for dumping a fridge freezer still in its packaging in the middle of my small kitchen, leaving it with a dog-tired mother of twin babies while I was out, and leaving the old ones in situ. Naturally we had paid for disposal of the old one and installation of the new.

    The delivery crew had some BS excuse for not finishing the job properly, but no worries, if I ring Curry’s I’m sure they will sort it out. How naive I was.

  4. So I’m guessing your fridge freezer is an American style

    1. Ah, yes - we need to know these details - well asked, Mr Wilson. The missing laptop is an HP, by the way.