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Monday, 10 May 2021

Battle of Santiago Martir - deleted scenes...

On Friday I'll be hosting a Zoom wargame. This is a re-run of a scenario I used 3 years ago or thereabout, which I thought had some promise and was worth another shot sometime. The action featured never actually occurred, though if it had it might have been in April 1809.

I finished setting up the battlefield this morning, and was taking a few preliminary photos when it occurred to me to try a little video. I've recently enjoyed some very nice home-made wargaming movie clips on Youtube and elsewhere, and felt I should try one. I hasten to emphasise that I had no intention whatsoever of publishing my attempts, but in fact it's maybe worth a look. If you click HERE, the movie should appear from somewhere - at the moment, my chief priority is to avoid putting vast movie files on storage media I can't afford!

Standing-still picture of the battlefield, all set up - French and their Allies on the left, Spaniards on the right

The clip was filmed on my digital camera, which is not exactly the very latest tech, and I have now taken due note that I should pan more slowly, think about what I'm going to say before I start, and try to do something about the loss of picture quality resulting from file compression. However - it's no too bad, as they say around here, and it serves to give a quick walk-through who's involved on Friday. I propose to have another go, using my phone, which is more modern and should give better results. However I have now had a first attempt, and would not be frightened to try again!

If you are appalled by the experience, there's no need to rush to let me know!

More on Friday, though I don't think the movie crew will be in attendance!


  1. I should be pretty proud of that as a first attempt, well done! Not sure I'd put any money on the Spanish to win, mind. Looks like hordes of French against them.

  2. Well I'm impressed at your first "Director's Cut".

    The Spanish, bless them, seem to have a lot of cannon-fodder units!

  3. Thank you gentlemen - you are more than generous. I should hold your bets for the moment - I am the French commander, so the Spanish have an unusually good chance of upsetting the form book.

  4. You never told me you had the 15th Chasseurs!

    1. Aha.

      Hi Ian.

      I had a read of Digby Von Pivka this morning, also checked out the Napoleon Series. The 15th Ch à Ch were raised as the Chasseurs Bretons et Bourgignons in 1793. I am more familiar with what they were doing in 1812, which is my default period for the Peninsular War - I knew that in 1812 their colonel was a fierce Breton from Morbihan with the resounding name of François-Jacques-Guy Faverot de Kerbrech. However, at the date of our made-up battle (1809), it seems the colonel was one Pierre Mourier, from Limoges, who was promoted to General de Brigade in 1811 (at which time he was replaced by the bloke with the long name); Mourier later commanded a light cavalry brigade in the III Cav Corps at Leipzig. I'm not sure you really wanted to know all this, but I got sucked into the internet while I was reading...

    2. ...anyway, you've got lancers in top hats...

  5. Great looking set-up Tony!
    Regards, James

  6. Looks very fine, and I enjoyed hearing your voice on the video, Tony!