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Saturday, 8 April 2017

Update to Peter Brekelmans' C&C-based TYW Rules - Ver 2.2

Peter Brekelmans has modified his TYW Variant rules based on Commands & Colors. The link in the top right hand corner of this screen will now get you to the same place-marker post of mine as it used to, but the links have been updated to the latest versions of the documentation, and the presentation of the downloads has been greatly simplified.

Since I am notorious as a man who cannot update hyperlink addresses and chew gum at the same time, I'd be very grateful if you let me know of any sharing problems - I think I set everything correctly, but you know how it is.

As previously, I must emphasise that these are not my rules - I was privileged to be involved in the discussion of them last year, and they share some features with my own ECW rules (which are still being maintained, and are also accessed from the links on the right hand side), but they are Peter's own work, and stand on their own.

Some explanations, based on Peter's notes on the changes:

All in all, the changes to the Chaunce Deck include -

1 - the re-introduction of the FRIENDLY FIRE card (with a modification to restrict it to firing only on friendly units that are within 3 hexes of an enemy)
2 - the deletion of the PAYLE card - redundant 
3 - a change to the MAPPE card
4 - a few minor changes to the text of titles and descriptions (to make them better suited for use with NANDeck card-printing software)

The rule revisions largely concern terrain, and are as follows - 

1 - a new 'higher slope' classification to differentiate between multiple levels of gently sloped hill plateaus and hill tops
2 - tightened up the wording re the effects of buildings, villages, towns and fortified areas
3 - added a priority provision to allow for multiple terrain types in a single hex

As well, there is a change to tighten up the rule for coming out of a 'set pike' formation.

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